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Wines & Picnics – Things to Consider

Any time is the perfect time for a picnic. In summer, we are eager to get outside after winter’s bleak chill. In summer we commend the long splendid days by eating outside with friends, having BBQ at home or going on picnics. Obviously some fortunate atmospheres support picnicking throughout the entire year. Whichever season you lean towards, eating outside is a fun activity, uniting friends and reconnecting us with nature.

Bringing the appropriate bottle of wine not only improves the essence of picnic foods, it includes a taste of European refinement to outdoor eating. Be that as it may, pick well – we’ve pulled together five rules to help you make your choice. It is important that you pick the right wine for your picnic.

Wines & Picnics – Things to Consider

Wines & Picnics – Things to Consider

  1. Know Your Party

It’s critical to know the difference between BBQ and picnic and pick your beverage in like manner. Tailgates can be especially dubious to characterize. To help choose drinks, we separate the two occasions into these general definitions:

BBQ: Backyard event, for the most part drive up and stop. Fiery and smoky grilled meats alongside heavy side dishes. Main dish normally eaten hot.

Picnic: Some walking, cycling or boating required to reach the area. If you’re required to bicycle your way to the picnic spot, you must ensure that you have a good enough bicycle to do so. Not only should it be reliable and durable, but should also have helpful features. You can check out some popular bicycle brands before you make your final decision. No cooking nearby – nourishments are set up ahead and eaten cool or at room temperature.

When you take a look at the flavor profiles and travel necessities, the beverages basically get themselves straightened out. A picnic needs drinks that won’t overwhelm the sustenance and will travel well. A BBQ works better with more grounded flavors, and since you aren’t pressing the beverages in, you have more choices.

  1. Lower the Alcohol

On your picnic it’s probably going to be warm, and visitors may have exerted a lot of energy to reach the final picnic destination. They’ll be parched, yet you don’t need anybody to go out after the feast. That implies bringing along water and furthermore keeping the liquor levels low for picnic wines.

Wines can range anyplace from around 9% for some European shining whites and rosés to more than 25% for some rich dessert wines. As general rule, search for top notch choices under 12% for day drinking.

Or then again, you can simply include water! Zut alors! That may seem like apostasy, however the French really add water as often as possible to “proof” their wines down to a lower liquor level for summer day drinking or to give to more youthful consumers. Slip a couple of ice cubes into each glass or let your visitors include their own particular water from an insulated bottle.

In the event that you go the mixing course, consider toting along an alcohol or invigorated wine to stir up an upscale wine-spritzery something like vermouth and soda or Campari and soda. Campari is around 25% liquor, and cutting that with soda water can help bring down the alcohol levels.

The Best Bottled Savories to Sell Along With Luxury Wines

Wineries are fantastic businesses. There are few companies out there with such rich history and such a widely enjoyed beverage as wineries.  But a lot of wine producers and distributors make a mistake by focusing on wine alone.  Yes, it can be good for your company if your focus is on one product alone because so much attention and time are devoted to creating the perfect product.  But by selling the right complimentary savory along with your wine you could actually boost your company name, your income and customer experiences when they visit your wine shop.

The Best Bottled Savories to Sell Along With Luxury Wines

The Best Bottled Savories to Sell Along With Luxury Wines

Why bottled savories are the best

Console bottles are incredibly popular right now.  These wonderful bottles are used for so many different purposes.  There is just something about these glass bottles that provide a sense of quality and value and that are exactly why bottled savories could compliment your wines perfectly.  Guests could have their pick at supreme quality savories to enjoy along with their wonderful wines.

How to make bottled savories?

You may think that it is hard work to produce bottled savories but it is actually quite easy.  All you need is the best pressure canner.  With one of these pressure canners, you can sterilize and seal in the goodness of savories and extend your product’s shelf lives to well over a year.  The best part is that pressure canners can be used by anyone from the comfort of a home.  With one of these appliances, you can create wonderful tasting delights and sell these savories to any wine tasting customer that visit’s your winery.  A greater variety of products to choose from only enhances the wine tasting experience and the thrill of the journey.

The best-bottled savories to sell along with luxury wines

Now you may wonder what savories to start bottling up, right?  Well, the key is to look for savories that will compliment your wines and enhance the taste and experience.

Jams – Jams are always superb in glass jars.  Try to create a wonderful tasting jam that is unique and divine.  A good example is a sweet and spicy cranberry pepper jam, monkey butter jam, peach and pepper jam, pear and ginger jam, or you can stick to local products and create a unique grape jam to match your wines. 

Jelly’s – Jelly’s with a unique taste and recipe can be a delight to any wine taster looking for something yummy to munch.  Make your own jalapeno pepper jelly, red pepper jelly or more. 

Bottled foods – Bottled foods with an appealing look can also be a good seller at your winery.  Look for bright colored foods that look good when bottled.  A mix of hot peppers, jalapenos and all sorts of fiery goods will look amazing and will taste great. 

Sauces – Sauces can do wonders for a meal.  Create a wide range of sauces your guests can try along with their wine.

With the right complimentary product in your shop, you can boost sales, or simply enhance the shopping experience when customers pop into your winery.  Pressure canned foods are also incredibly healthy and they are always healthy no matter when someone decides to pay you a visit.

Get Wine for a More Romantic Night

Do you want to have a romantic night with someone who is close to your heart? You can always do this if you would create the right ambiance. You have to make a person feel romantic so that she would love being close to you all-night long.

If you are unable to find a loved one to share the night, you can always acquire the services of Long Island Escorts. They offer amazing services that you can thoroughly enjoy. These ladies are not the typical ladies that you will find on the streets. These women can hold great conversations with you and can keep you company so that you will not feel lonely.

Get Wine for a More Romantic Night

Get Wine for a More Romantic Night

If you want to set the mood for your date, you need to have a bottle of wine nearby and a couple of wineglasses that you can use. This is important because it will be hard to drink wine if you would place it in a plastic cup. No matter how great the wine tastes like, it will not have any effect on you and the person you are drinking wine with.

When you have the right wine, you can sit close to each other and you can talk about almost everything that you think will be important for your romantic rendezvous. It does not matter anymore what type of wine that you have as long as you both like it but most people associate red wine as being more romantic compared to white wine.

These are some of the reasons why wine can make a wine more romantic:

  • Wine can sometimes make people more honest. If you would like to say something that you have been trying to say for a long time, have a glass of wine first so that you will have the courage to say what you have always wanted to say.
  • Wine is known to be intoxicating but as long as you would only consume the right amount, the intoxication will not be deadly. Rather the intoxication can be sweet and passionate at the same time.
  • The way that wines are made can already make them romantic. Wines are not created overnight. They go through a very rigorous process. The more demanding the process is, the more expensive the wine is going to be. Some wines that go through hard processes may also taste better than the usual wines.
  • Wines would take a lot of patience, time and passion so that it can be created. If people are not intent about creating wine, they will not be able to form it. The fact that wine is created with passion means that you should also share it with someone that you can be passionate and romantic with.
  • Wines can also be romantic when they are only taken during special occasions. For example, it is your anniversary or the escort you have hired is truly someone special, having wine ready will allow you to think of the situation as a milestone that you will find hard to forget.

There are so many wines that you can choose from. Which one are you most excited to bring with you on your special, romantic night?

Great Wine for Asian Dishes

American food is no longer strictly meat and potatoes. Gone are the days of apple pie and hot dogs. Instead, we are seeing things about ketchup being replaced with Sriracha. The truth is, Asian fare has become deeply intertwined in the fibers of American cuisine.

But, most people aren’t prepared to pair their delicious Asian food with the right wine. They are still more inclined to grab a beer. So, we are sharing with you great wine for Asian dishes. Whether you are contemplating the next best mung bean recipes to include bean sprout corn salad, or mung bean quinoa bowls, you will know exactly which wine to sip alongside them.

Great Wine for Asian Dishes

Great Wine for Asian Dishes

Asian Food Wine Accents

As much as we love Asian recipes, we are also aware of their flavorful and not necessarily positive effect on most wines. The five spice powder, coriander, and masala salt, are pretty intense to both the nose and the palate. But, when drinking wine with them they can eliminate the wines fruitiness. And, they can even make them taste bitter or extraordinarily alcoholic.

So, how do you pick the right wine for your dish? Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing which ones not to pick. Here are some lessons you need for being certain you enjoy your Asian food and your wine at the same time:

Don’t Drink

Some wines are simply not going to work with Asian fare. Specifically, we suggest you avoid the Chardonnays. If you are eating anything Thai, Chinese, or Indian, you will regret that wine choice. Because Chardonnays are generally pretty oaky, you can expect these food pairings to make them taste more like the lumber aisle at the Home Depot. If you simply must sip Chardonnay, pick one from Australia as its woody flavor is not as intense. Learn more.

You should also avoid Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Because these are referred to as tannic wines, you should note that they have a tendency to engage in battle with Asian flavors. Unfortunately, they pretty much always lose and end up tasting bitter.

Do Drink

If you are going to drink wine with an Asian dish, pick something with high acidity. These wines add a vibrancy that is refreshing when paired with the Asian flair. Some good suggestions in this category include: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, or Spanish Albarinos.

Fruity wines are also recommended here. Especially when they have a very noticeable fruit flavor. You can get a Riesling from Australia, Austria, Alsace, or Germany. Or, you could opt for the Argentinian Torrontes (read this) when seeking out extraordinarily fruity wines.

Finally, don’t neglect the roses. Rose wines are perfect for the intense and often spicy flavors found in Asian cuisine. And, the great thing about these wines is that they are pretty much being made all over the world. So, if you are really looking for a wonderful wine to go with that spicy curry dish, consider purchasing a sparkling rose wine. You won’t regret it. These wines make the perfect companion and accent to almost all Asian food varieties.

If you are thinking you’d like to learn more about wine and how it works with Asian dining, this is an exceptional article with tons of information. And, now that you are well informed, we suspect you’ll be pairing some wine, instead of beer, with your next Asian dining experience.

Compelling Reasons to Not Drink and Drive

People love having a drink every now and then, and especially when there is a celebration, or after a hard week at the office. Drinking is a social behavior that brings people together, the alcohol making people lucid enough to converse even with strangers. When overdone, drinking could lead to problems like addiction and kidney problems, and people need to be very careful with the behavior. It has led to a lot of deaths through kidney failures amongst other problems. One of the other things that has led to numerous deaths and injuries is drinking and driving, and that is what will bring us to the topic of today, compelling reasons to not drink and drive.

Compelling Reasons to Not Drink and Drive

Compelling Reasons to Not Drink and Drive

You Could Go to Jail

Drink driving is something that could land you in jail, and that isn’t something that everyone would want to experience. This is because of the harm that you are putting yourself, other’s, and property around you in. as a matter of fact, in the event that you are involved in an accident and end up causing harm, you could end up spending some time in there.

Your Insurance Premiums Could Increase

In the event that you’re drinking and driving under the influence, and you’re caught and read for the act, it could affect your insurance premiums negatively, being that they are based in part on your risk as a driver. People with higher chances of being involved in accidents tend to pay higher premiums since they are considered high risk.

You May Lose Your Job and Professional License

There is no profession that supports drinking and driving under the influence, and chances are that if you’re caught, you could be terminated, or end up losing your professional license. This will especially happen if you hold a prestigious position, or are employed by the government. Such teaching jobs include teachers, doctors, lawyers, and police officers.

You Could Incur Large Fines and Fees

DUI’s don’t come cheap at all, and then there are also other charges that you can incur such as court fees and fines, civil penalties, and fees for reinstating your license.

Drinking While Driving Increases Your Risk of Being in an Accident

Risks of being in accidents are very high when a person drinks and drives, and this could cause injury to you and other people.

You Do Not Want a Criminal Record

In the event that you’re arrested and charged as guilty of drunk driving, you will automatically get a criminal record that will reflect in your records that will be required by employers and other people that check your background for criminal records. This could greatly limit your future opportunities.

Barrie Criminal Lawyer, Ted Yoannou

In the event that you’re arrested, you’ll want to get yourself a very good lawyer to represent you in court so that the charges are either lifted, or you get the minimal sentence. If this is the case, then you might want to look for Ted Yoannou and his team of criminal lawyers, as you’ll see here. Coming with the relevant knowledge and experience, they will be best suited to take on your case in a winning style. They can ensure that your insurance premiums remain the same, and that you don’t end up with that criminal record that will send future employers scattering away. Ted Yoannou and his team will stand with you throughout the whole case, ensuring that you get the best outcome as they give it their best fight. For more information, you can visit their website and fill in the contact form. You can also give them a call and set up an appointment so that they can advise you on the best way forward.


In conclusion, the best thing would be to avoid drinking and driving, since it could have serious repercussions. You can always ask a friend that isn’t drinking to drive you, or take a cab instead. In the event that you get caught up in the situation, Barrie Criminal Lawyers will be there to help you out with all of your legal issues.

Designing Your Home Bar – Some Tips

You have a great selection of wines and other alcoholic beverages and you want to show them off the best way possible right at your very own home. How are you going to do it? When you were younger, you wanted to go from one bar to another or go clubbing not only to meet new people but to taste different types of drinks that will change your overall perspective.

Now that you are older, you have your own collection. You want to have a home bar wherein you can entertain your guests and perhaps even prepare the drinks yourself. Of course, if you are serving wine, you do not have to prepare that much. Just make sure that you would serve the wine chilled and you will have great wine that can be enjoyed by you and your guests.

Designing Your Home Bar - Some Tips

Designing Your Home Bar – Some Tips

There are some benefits you can get when you have your very own home bar:

  • It is very convenient – You can choose to have a glass of wine while eating your dinner or after eating so that you can relax and unwind.
  • It is private – If you are planning to have a party, you can limit the number of guests to invite. It will make the gathering chill and intimate. It is definitely something that you can enjoy a lot especially when you are with people that you are comfortable with.
  • It is secure – Drinking with people you trust will ensure that you will have a fun time. Even if you become too intoxicated, people will not do anything to you that can possibly degrade you.

These are some of the tips to remember so you can design and create your home bar with ease:

  1. Choose the location of the home bar – Whether your home is big or not, you have to know where you are going to place the home bar. You can take measurements of the place and make changes depending on your needs.
  2. Decide on the elements of the home bar – Do you want to have a home bar that has a rustic feel? Do you want it to look like the bar you will see at your favourite club? Decide on the elements that you want and make the right choice. It will make a lot of difference.
  3. Consider some unique items that you can add to the bar aside from your wine alone. What other things can fit that will make it amazing? It will depend on the theme that you choose. For example, you can improve the overall look of your wall. Check out wall art strategy to be sure with what you are going to get.
  4. Search for inspiration online. If you cannot think of a theme or a design on your own, check the different designs online. You will find one that fits you best. You can tweak the design a bit to make it fit your personality more.

Are you ready to set up your home bar wherein you can display your different wines?

Finding The Right Property for Your Wine Bar

If you have an existing wine bar or you are looking forward to start one but you want it to be in your own property then you are at the right place. Paying rent can be expensive especially if you compute it in the long run. With a rental property it is also hard to customize the wine bar to be the way you want it to be. Good thing with having your wine bar in your own property is that you can enjoy all the profits and also you can do customization the way you want which may make you earn high profits. With your own property even though you may close the wine bar in future, you may still use the property for other purposes or rent it out for other commercial activity which means it is impossible to suffer losses. Some of the factors to consider however when looking for a property includes:

Finding The Right Property for Your Wine Bar

Finding The Right Property for Your Wine Bar


The location of the property is very important as it has to be in a strategic place for the success of the business. The location should be easily accessible and at the same time have enough space. Customers are more likely to flow to the location if it is easily accessible. Once you decide on the location then you can find the available listings in that location. There are many sites that will give you all the information such as landmark realty mission.


Different properties will have different price tags depending on what you are looking for. The more the affluent the area, the more the cost will be. The bigger the size of the property, the higher the cost will be. Generally there are some states that are more expensive than others, if it is in a small state or not in the city then it will be cheap. Basically the cost will depend on your budget as you can find properties across different budgets. You should however note that the cost comes with a price. Most of the time, you will have to pay more for quality. In some cases you can look for an old worn out building then renovate it and also in some cases you can buy land and do the development yourself.

Source of financing

Source of finances is the main stumbling block when it comes to real estate. You have to make sure that there is a balance in your finances so that you get profits in your business. As much as there are many sources of finance, not all of them have the same rates of interests. Some have higher interest rates than others. When it comes to finances it depends on individual preferences, there are some financial plans that will work for some people but not others. It is therefore important to check what will work for you as an individual so that you may be able to make an informed choice on what to choose.

The Best White Wine to try if you are a Wine Newbie

Have you ever tasted white wine? There is a big chance that you have tasted it before but you did not like it that much. You have seen some people gushing over white wine but you do not understand why.

One thing is for sure, you have seen some pictures of white wine in wine glasses or in their bottles and you cannot help but become a bit curious about how these different wines would taste like. For people who take photos of wine, this is their goal. They want to make people want to taste the wine that they have taken pictures of. The wine may be photographed with a high tech camera like the Nikon d3300 but the pictures will look more amazing with the use of the best lenses for Nikon d3300.

The Best White Wine to try if you are a Wine Newbie

If in case pictures have made you curious but you do not want to be disappointed, there are some wine types that you should start tasting now:

  1. Sauvignon Blanc

This is obviously one of the most popular white wine types and there is a good reason for this. It smells great. It is fresh – smelling and it can be refreshing when you drink it. Some say that drinking this type of white wine is similar to taking lemonade on a hot summer day. There are some varieties of this wine that are more refined while others are stronger. Once you taste this, you would like to know more after.

  1. Riesling

Riesling comes in two main varieties namely sweet and dry. The sweet variety normally comes from the United States while the dry one comes from Germany. There are a lot of people who are fond of this type of white wine because it tastes amazing while experienced wine drinkers usually think that this type is too sweet.

  1. Chardonnay

This list will not be complete if chardonnay is not included since this is probably the most well-known white wine in the world. It does not mean that just because it is popular that all people love it. It has some haters too especially those who do not like the taste of vanilla which oaked chardonnay is known for. If you are not fond of vanilla but would still like to try this type of white wine, choose unoaked chardonnay instead.

  1. Pinot Grigio

If you would like to try the most popular white wine that you can find in Italy, you do not have to look any further because this is the one that you need. This is a refreshing type of white wine especially since it has strong flavours of lime, green apple and lemon. If you prefer dry wine, this is the best one to choose as it is not sweet at all. You can eat this with your favourite seafood. The wine will bring out the best flavours of the seafood immensely.

Do you still know of other white wine types you want to try soon? Feel free to share what you have learned by leaving comments below.

Reasons You Should Have a Glass of Wine with Dinner

Eating healthy is something that everyone thrives for, and we have seen people going to extremes just to remain healthy. We need to eat balanced diets that ensure that our bodies have all of the nutrients that they need for us to remain strong and healthy. Whether we are eating salads, eggs, fruits, or any other foods for that matter, we should stay within the limits. Staying healthy is not just about what we eat alone, it is also about exercises and what we drink. They all work hand in hand together. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should drink a glass of wine with dinner every day.

Red wine lowers blood sugar

According to a study that was carried out on people with type 2 diabetes, in Israel, drinking a glass of red or white wine at dinner time lowered the glucose levels more than for those that drank water.

You’ll sleep better after a glass.

When paired with food that absorbed alcohol, it was found that people that drank wine slept better.

It trims the waistline

Red wine has a chemical, Ellagic acid, that helps slow down the growth of existing fat cells, also stopping new ones from forming.

You get fewer colds

According to a Spanish study that was conducted on 5,000 people, catching colds amongst wine drinkers was lowered by 40 percent.

It keeps the blues away – at least if you’re over 55

Drinking a glass of wine a day lessens the chances of suffering from depression, but drinking more will likely increase the chances of the depression.

The Chicken Hub

Being that we are on the topic of health and have been discussing the benefits of wine, it is also important to note that there are other food products that also promote healthy living when eaten in the right proportions, and one of those products is the egg. It is good to throw eggs into our diets every now and then, although we should not overdo it due to the high cholesterol levels that eggs have. We are going to look at an egg incubator guide, an artificial way that you can make eggs hatch into the much healthier to eat chicken. This way, you won’t have to worry about too much cholesterol, and besides, chicken meat is white meat, which is much healthier than red meat.

It is good to note that incubators can also be used for premature human beings, reptiles and to harvest bacteria, although their most common use is eggs. The incubator controls the temperature, humidity, and air circulation, allowing the eggs to mature and hatch. Some rotate the eggs automatically, while others eggs have to be rotated manually.

Benefits of an Egg Incubator

  • Save energy with free organic material from chicken
  • Reduce waste in the form of food remains by chicken
  • Helps to decrease the use of chicken farms
  • One can make money from the sale of eggs
  • Satisfaction of watching chicks grow from the egg status

Types of Incubators

  • Still incubators
  • Moving air incubators
  • Automatic incubators
  • Semi-automatic incubators
  • Manual incubators

Features of an Incubator

  • Capacity – refers to the number of eggs it can carry
  • Rotator – some rotate eggs, while some don’t have the feature
  • Species – some are made for particular species of birds or reptiles
  • Temperature and humidity – some come with thermometers, hygrometers, and other devices to control the temperature and humidity
  • LCD display
  • Cabinet material – can be made from fiberglass, wood, plastic, polyurethane, and a host of other materials.


Despite the fact that a glass of wine after dinner is beneficial to your health, so are chicken. That is the reason why we jogged you through the incubation of eggs, an easy way to hatch your own chicks.

Service Tips for Bartenders

Servicing customers as a bartender can be quite a tricky affair for some people. It takes things like good character, cleanliness, and good knowledge of the drinks amongst other things. In this article, we are going to look at some service tips for bartenders in order for them to get the most out of their jobs.

Service Tips for Bartenders

Good Attitude

Being a bartender means that you’re in the hospitality industry, and that calls for a good attitude at all times. Simple things like a smile, hello, or goodbye go a long way in giving clients good impressions.

Keep the Bar Clean

A clean bar is a must, and the bartenders have to constantly clean the surfaces, glasses, towels. They also need to ensure that the bottles are arranged correctly where they should be.

Make Suggestions

It is good to suggest drinks to customers as it shows them that you actually care for their experience. Depending on what they want, you have the experience to suggest the right drink.


A good memory is something that a bartender should have. They should know their customers favored drinks, keep control of the stock, handle the rush hour accordingly, and remember the names of regular customers.

Australian Bartending Licensing Requirements

We all know that alcohol is big business in most parts of the world, and that is why we are now going to look at the Australian bartending licensing requirements next. The places where alcohol is sold in Australia are tightly regulated, and the bartenders have to be highly trained. Unlike other countries, Australia has a national training package that is mandatory for any person seeking to work with or around alcohol. This part will generally guide you on the process of how to become a bartender in Australia.

What is RSA?

Responsible Service of Alcohol is the training that is given to anyone that would like to work in the alcohol industry in Australia. This includes bartenders, table waiting staff in licensed establishments, sommeliers at wine tastings, employees at rock concerts and sports events, and even airline staff who will be attending to passengers asking for alcoholic drinks on board airlines.

Only Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) are state-approved to provide the training under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Many of the courses are classroom based, but there are some states that offer them online. Each state has slightly different laws when it comes to alcohol, and therefore in order to work in a particular state, one has to obtain an RSA certificate relevant to that state. The online courses cost anywhere between $18 AUD and $98 AUD, while the classroom courses at the Melbourne based ‘Hospitality Training Australia’ cost $40 AUD.


It is a must for all people working in the alcohol industry to go for RSA training so that they can serve people the right way. Despite having the right training, it is also good for them to employ qualities that will make them likeable, such as the ones that we mentioned in the beginning. With the right attitude, you’ll have customers flocking your counter, sales booming.