Things You Need to Know About Starting a Wine Business

The wine industry has seen a tremendous upswing in new entrepreneurs hoping to get into this “grape” business. Of course, that is making the winemaking field all the more competitive. But, since you are obviously interested in joining the surge, these are the things you need to know about starting a wine business.

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Things You Need to Know About Starting a Wine Business

Understand What You’re Getting Into

If you are dreaming of establishing your own vineyard, you should understand what you’re getting into. You will need land, the ability to plant and harvest and you will have to bottle the wine yourself. That is probably more than you are ready to delve into. Especially since land is expensive and the weather is often challenging.

On the other hand, you could always buy your grapes from another source. However, you cannot negate the expense of marketing, distribution impediments, and the veritable cornucopia of global competitors. You will quickly understand that this is not a simple business to jump into. Make sure you have a long-range concept, a stick-to-it-ness that is unwavering, some useful professional advice, and deep pockets.

Read more about getting into the wine business.

The Best Advice

The best advice someone who has already tried and survived in this industry could give you is, “find your niche.” Remember, we told you that the wine business is intensely competitive. So, there has to be something special about your brand that sets you apart from all the other people in the industry. Consider creating your own unique liqueurs and brandies. Even ciders are a good bet.

This advice could truly span the spectrum of all kinds of entrepreneurial endeavors. But it is particularly important in this arena as there are simply too many “ordinary” wines available to the average person. Notice that there has been an upswing in blueberry and strawberry wines. Try your hand at various fruit flavors and combinations.

And, here are some additional niche ideas to get your foot in the door:

1.       Vineyard tours

2.       Tasting rooms

3.       Bottling

4.       Distribution

5.       Retailing

6.       Marketing

Some Interesting Statistics

Getting involved in the wine business should spur you to further investigation. That is why we thought you would benefit from some interesting statistics about the wine industry.

·         In the US, wine sales have been recorded as reaching 600 million gallons.

·         Exportation of wine reaches 79 million gallons.

·         Wine sales bring in a whopping $500 million in revenue each year.

·         There are vineyards and/or wineries in 49 states.

·         That makes 2000 wineries within the US.

·         In 2014, the US beat out France for the record in wine consumption that year.

·         Wine consumption is believed to be rising at a rate of about 11%.

Clickthis for more statistics.

Know the Competition

Before we close, we want you to be aware of your competition. This list offers you some of the top brands in the wine industry:

1.       E&J Gallo

2.       Earl Stevens Selections

3.       Sharp Cellars

4.       Seven Sisters

5.       Brown Estate

6.       Theopolis Vineyard

You can learn more here

How to Monetize Your Wine Website

As much as your website may be great in term of keeping your customers informed, there is a way you can earn more from your site. You can become a publisher and start earning money from ads. There are many ways of monetizing your blog, but some of the common ways include:

Affiliate marketing

This is where you are paid as a publisher to advertise other company’s products or sell their products. From promoting their products on your site, you can earn commission from that. In this case since you are dealing with wine, you can focus on wine related ads, such as wine racks.

How to Monetize Your Wine Website

Google AdSense

In simple terms, Google AdSense is where you get paid if others put their ads on your website. Most of the time Google Adwords and AdSense is confused. AdWords is used by advertisers while AdSense is used by publishers. There are different ways in which Ad pricing is calculated, this includes:


CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions and is where publishers are paid per every 1000 impressions or ad views. This works better for websites with a lot of traffic since the higher the traffic the more the revenue one can get. Most of the CPM networks however have a minimum impression requirement which may be a limit for some websites using the service. The CPM rates are also relatively lower as much as that may be determined by the traffic.


CPA stands for cost per acquisition and is whereby a publisher is paid when the visitor of the site makes a purchase from the ad. They have a higher payout as compared to other systems but best works for niche websites. It can work well with a wine website since it is not a generic website. The success however is more reliant on the amount of traffic on your site, the more traffic you have, the more the purchases that can be done.


CPC stands for cost per click and is where a publisher earns when a visitor clicks on an ad. It is an easier monetization method than CPA hence even small levels of traffic can lead to revenues. The revenue is however more likely to be inconsistent since the interest of a customer to click on an ad is influenced by many factors.


There are many more ways in which a publisher can make money from their site. Those are just but a few. For example he can have sponsored content on the site, sell n eBook on wines on the site, do online coaching on wines (most people don’t know much about wines), offer coupons though this will mostly work with affiliate links, create a wine directory page and charge those who want their wines business to be listed, etc. The kinds of opportunities for monetizing your site are limitless. It depends on your interest and what you think would work for you. It is however important to do a proper research to understand how different ads work.

Improve Your Photography Skills

The best thing about the advancement in the technology is the fact that it has improved various things. New and better technological developments have made our lives easier, better as well as efficient. No matter what you are involved in with all your heart and soul, you would definitely feel that it has gotten better with the time and all the credit goes to the latest technology.

When it comes to your hobby of reading, you can now read daily using various applications in your phone as much as you like. If your hobby is singing, you can record songs in your phone and auto-tune them. If you love photography, using a high-quality camera and various applications can assist you in improving that. Apart from that, read several other ways through which you can improve your photography skills and these are:

Improve Your Photography Skills

  • Take Loads of Pictures:

When you are striving hard to improve your photography skills, you need to take pictures of everything! Literally everything. From the parties you are attending to the books you are reading, from the glass of wine in your hand that you are going to taste to the pomsky waging his tail next to you, you have to take shots of everything. This will not only improve your focus but at the same time, give you a better experience of taking pictures.

When your wine glass will be still, the pomsky would be constantly moving and you would understand how to take pictures in different positions. If these pictures do not end up good, in the beginning, do not worry as with the passage of the time, your photography skills will improve to a great extent. Just stay persistent and highly motivated.

  • Get To Know Your Camera Properly:

If you are not a professional, it is necessary for you to understand the working of your camera properly! When you do not know all the functions that your camera comes up with, you are not able to deliver your hundred percent of the output. There would be numerous things that your camera could be capable of doing and you wouldn’t even know about it.

Understanding each and every function that your camera comprises of will help you in improving the quality and superiority of your photographs to a great level. Reading the manual over and again would help you a lot! Apart from that, watching various kinds of tutorials online also comes in handy when it is about learning the new ways of using your camera.

  • Use Various Backgrounds:

To become a great photographer, you need to come up with as many variations in your photos as possible! When you have the aim of improving your photography skills, you have to make sure you change the ways your photos look. Clicking all the pictures in the day or having all the images in the night would make these look monotonous!

You have to bring some variety in it and only then you will be able to make them look better and have a hold on everything you are clicking. Just keep taking pictures at dawn as well as dusk for that!

  • Be Patient:

You obviously can’t be an amazing photographer overnight! You need to keep practicing till you get perfect at it. There would be times when you will get annoyed when a shot of yours would not turn out to be what you were anticipating! Do not get irritated and rather, try to stay persistent and soon you will achieve your desired results.

Setting Foot in The Wine Business

Entering and prevailing in the Wine Industry is the fantasy of numerous business entrepreneurs. The business is troublesome and extremely aggressive which makes working in it harder than general occupations. There’s a high amount of risk that accompanies venture, the paper work involved in it can be complex and complicated and you’ll most likely face loss in the early years. Be that as it may, once the cogs are in movement and you realize what you’re doing, the achievement will be exceptionally fulfilling. The following are some essential tips that will help you in wine business over the long haul.

“There are individuals getting into the business that expect the vineyards or wine stores to keep running as property and prosper without much work. They are in for the greatest surprise.” Says Thimios Laourdekis, founder and owner of Wine Outlet.

He says it can be expensive to run a wine store or winery and the opposition is so huge it’s simple for a small business to be overwhelmed by the major wine companies.

Setting Foot in The Wine Business

Enough Money Starting Out

Most importantly you’ll require a good initial investment to begin with. This is the place many individuals fall flat since they think little of the expenses of the business. Along these lines you’ll have to lay out a spending plan for a couple of years before you start to see gains.

Selling Out

In the event that you do make it and your business is on its feet you have to know precisely what to do with it. Typically, you’ll need to pull in the consideration of greater organizations which will help you with offering and distributing the wine. This can be wholesalers to marketing companies and even restaurants which will likewise promote your store or brand. This isn’t a simple step and you should be cautious that you don’t get a bad deal.

One way to make your wine bar appear attractive is to put in interesting entertainment options like television, gaming consoles, snooker etc. You can even promote your brand through mediums like radio ads and even video games. Get a small scale video game made, hire video game voice actors and instruct them on how they can promote your brand through the game. Make sure you pick the best voice actors who offer competitive rates with unbeatable quality.

Paperwork Complications

This is a standout amongst the riskiest and also the boring parts. You have to manage the paperwork, and very carefully so. Delivering or offering items, for example, liquor and wine contingent upon your nation can be a testing task with regards to lawful matters. There are various licenses and consent you’ll require. Likewise, now and then your items should be investigated and endorsed first.

At long last, your item won’t offer without anyone else’s input. You’ll have to promote by means of various channels with a decent marketing plan. Having an online store parallel to your physical store has proved to boost sales. Overall, it’s a complex business that can be overpowering. However, it can likewise satisfy you extremely and effectively, particularly if it’s your dream.

Good Photography Skills Is a Must for Winery Owners

Everyone loves to enjoy glass of crisp wine with a few good snacks and good friendship. Wine is one of the most enjoyed luxuries by just about all people which is exactly why so many people think that wineries have it easy when it comes to selling their product.  But it’s not quite as simple for these luxury wineries to make a big success because there are so many competitors out there.  There are a lot of wineries in the world.   America has more than 9000 wineries and other countries have even higher numbers like Germany with their 28 000 professional winemakers.  With this many winemakers it is easy to see why your winery is struggling to make good sales and improved photography skills might be just what you need to boost your business.

Good Photography Skills Is a Must for Winery Owners

How photography skills will benefit your winery

Good photos are a must for any business that has a product to sell because in most stores, the public cannot simply take a sip of wine to convince them that that is the right brand to buy.  They have to buy the bottle to try it which means they buy with the eye.  That means that everything from the wine packaging, the wine bottle design, wine bottle stickers to your social media presence has to be exceptional in quality and look.  There is nothing that can make a business look more sloppy and unprofessional than bad photos.  With better photos your wine will seem like a high quality brand that the public can trust.  Good photos are great for advertising and to convince everyone to give your wine a try.  You will also save a lot of money when you learn to take your own photos.

Learn photography from Creative Live

Anyone can become a professional photographer because on Creative Live you can learn professional photography skills from anywhere in the world. Creative Live is an online tutorial site that offers all the best tips and tricks on various arts and you can enjoy these online classes at times convenient to you at the comfort of your home because all you have to do is log on and learn.

Classes that winery owners can benefit from

You have a winery to run, which means you probably don’t have time to waste. When you learn from Creative Live you don’t waste your time on stuff you will never use because you can select the classes that you want to view and only learn what you need. Here are the top types of classes to check out for quick photography skill improvements.

Basics of photography – The basic class is good for people that are new to photography because it covers all the basics you need for a wide range of different types of photos.

Landscaping photography classes – Wineries are beautiful and capturing breathtaking photos of your winery for social media sites and magazine articles is a must.  The landscaping classes are just what you need to help you take gorgeous winery photos.

Light room classes – Working with lighting can be tough.  Lightroom tutorials will help winery owners capture perfect shots no matter what time of the day it is.

Tips for the perfect wine tasting trip

Going away for a wine tasting trip is most probably one of the most romantic and best times that you can experience. The soothing atmosphere and the beauty that you will admire while sampling new and tasty wines will make the occasion even more memorable.  It is important to realize that you might need a designated driver for your trip seeing that people rarely spit out the wine as they should. The little sips that you take add up and that will most certainly take you over the limit. Here are a few more tips to take note of before embarking on your wine tasting trip.

Tips for the perfect wine tasting trip

Smaller boutique farms usually give you a better and more personal tasting experience.  You will get a much better idea about winemaking and the process of it by visiting a smaller farm. There are also less people that will be there for a tasting which means you won’t have to wait forever for your next sip. To make the trip more romantic you might find a smaller farm more quaint and cozy. Before you go for your tasting you might want to get hold of a couple of books about wine or just do your homework online. You will most probably be asked what type of wine you would like, make sure you are prepared to answer that question with a smart and informed Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot.  Click here to read more about different types of wines.

Dress for the occasion. If you are going for your tasting during the day you can dress casual. Be sure to dress up for a night tasting. This is where you need feel comfortable. Most places are non-smoking so leave your cigarettes at home. If you are a smoker you might want to take a look at the best vape pen 2017 where you will find a friendly solution and popular substitute for smoking. You will love the taste and the experience plus you won’t be the one that has to go outside for a smoke break during your tasting session. Vaporizing is a great and much healthier alternative to smoking and it will go great with the wines.

Try mixing up your tasting session by trying new things. Don’t limit yourself to wines that you are familiar with, try something new like various blends and tastes. You might also want to take a few cheeses or chocolates with you. These snacks will enhance the flavor and make your tasting so much more enjoyable. Remember to cleanse your pallet so that you can experience the pure taste of the next wine that you are sampling. Click here to find out which snacks to take with for tasting. Be polite with the staff that are serving you, this might get you an extra taste and it is the right thing to do. The most important thing to do is to have fun. This is an enriching experience and a time to enjoy.

Online Auto Insurance Quotes for Wineries in Florida

In Florida, a winery is a special business. You need specialized equipment so as to produce the best wine. In this region, people will only drink wine if it is made using the best processes. As a winery owner, one of the things that you should focus on is how to transport wine to your outlet points. You need the best cars. They could be vans, large vehicles, pick-ups, or any other type depending on your needs. After that, you have to find the perfect insurance cover. Since it can be difficult hopping from one agent to another in search for quotes, you should consider doing it online. The following are some of the advantages of searching online for car insurance quotes Florida.


Get an instant quote

If you want a quote fast, you should consider searching online. All the websites that offer these services have automated calculators that will give you a quote once you enter your personal details. This saves you from the hustle of having to go through too many procedures just to find out how much you will be paying as premiums for the insurance of your winery vehicles. After getting the quotes, online agents will also connect you to the best insurance companies. They have enough contacts in this industry to know where the best offers are.

It will cost you nothing

As a winery owner, you already have too many bills to settle. You also want to minimize your expenses so as to avoid running into loses. In this situation, you will be paying for the insurance cover. Therefore, you do not have to spend extra money finding a quote. Unfortunately, some of the offline agents will ask for some fees in order to find quotes for you. If you want to avoid such situations, simply get online and search for agents who offer these services for free. You will find lots of them. In fact, you will be overwhelmed with the offers and that is how you get a good bargain.

Compare as much as you want

Another advantage of searching for winery car insurance quotes online is that you have no limit when it comes to the kinds of services to choose from. It is like having everything you need in one place. You will get a list of all the companies that offer these services in Florida and how much you are likely to pay when you choose any of them. Because of this, you can check as many offers as you wish. After all, it takes no time to get to a particular website and verify some of the information. At the end of the day, you will be more likely to find a good insurance offer compared to someone who visits local agents for the same services. You also have the chance to verify exactly what the company will provide as compensation when need arises.

Get answers to all your questions instantly

When you want to insure your cars so as to better run a winery, there are many questions that you need answers to. For instance, you want a breakdown of the costs so as to know exactly what you will be paying for. You also want to know about the payment schedules. Other frequently asked questions include how the premiums will be remitted to the company and how insurance claims should be made. This information would be difficult to find if you searched offline. However, with the online arrangement, you have the chance to find all the answers in one place.

Get a quote from anywhere

Are you on holiday and want to renew your insurance? You do not have to worry a bit. In fact, you do not have to cut short your holiday so as to renew the insurance for the winery cars. All that you need is an internet connection and everything will be settled. Whether you are at home, at work, away on a business or personal trip, or just anywhere else on this planet, you can find insurance quotes and apply for a cover. Learn more about car insurance in Florida here.

In Florida, there are many companies that offer car insurance. You only need to choose one that best suits your needs. After finding a good offer, you should go ahead to sign an agreement so that you start paying right away. Do not let your winery business to lag behind just because you cannot use your cars to supply the wine due to lack on insurance. The best insurance companies are those with lots of customers.

How to Keep Pests Out of the Vineyard

You may be trying to grow your grapes the best way possible so that the wine that you produce will have that nice taste that people will look forward to. Whether you only have a small garden wherein you have planted your grapes or you have a big vineyard, your grapes may still get affected by pests. Remember that the list of pests that may cause some problems to your vineyard may be different depending on where you live.

How You Can Discover Your Artistic Side

For example, you may live in a place wherein a lot of pigeons manage to sneak in and create some damage with your plants and even your home. You do not want to have a wide variety of pigeons trying to live from your attic or from a shadowed area in your roof. Pigeons can also be harmful to your grapes because as soon as they peck the fruits, your animals will start to rot. You can search for a list of pigeon deterrents to dissuade them from staying at your property. Another option is to get the right pest control company that can safely remove pigeons from your property. By doing this, you will be lessening some of your pest problems. Other possible problems you may encounter are the following:

  1. Squirrels – Squirrels just love the sweet and juicy taste of grapes so you can already expect that squirrels will try to get some grapes from your vineyard from time to time. Remember that squirrels can also jump high so even making fences might not deter them from trying to take a few grapes from time to time. Learn more about getting rid of squirrels from here.
  2. Insects – There are some insects that will find their way on to your leaves and will start infesting your garden. Before you start getting some insecticides, it is best to determine what type of insects are there. Some insects are actually good for your vineyard and may protect your plants from other insects that will harm your grapes. If you are unsure, it is best to hire a professional to look into the situation.
  3. Deer – This is another type of animal that is in love with the taste of grapes. If your garden or your vineyard does not have any fence, you will probably see the deer munching some of your grapes. It can be enough to unnerve you. Stop the deer from coming back by making sure that you will put a fence around your property.
  4. Bears – This is another animal that will try to get grapes whenever it could. If you want to discourage bears from getting into your vineyard or your garden, it is best that you use some repellents like hot sauce and pepper just to be sure.

Remember that aside from pests, there may still be other problems that nature would give you. For example, your grapes may become plagued with fungus. This will not allow your leaves to do full photosynthesis which can of course affect the production of grapes. Knowledge is always essential to help you keep your vineyard productive.

So You Want to Own a Vineyard

You have developed quite the penchant for fine wine and you have some money set aside for a rather large new endeavor. One night while sipping your cabernet you feel a twinge of excitement. What if you owned your own vineyard? Why not make your own rose scented cabernet? Or a blushing blueberry merlot? So, you want to own a vineyard, but how?

There are a lot of things to consider when you start any business, especially one that is as highly regulated as that in the field of alcohol production. But, that is not to say the dream can’t come to life. It will just take some ingenuity and investigation.

So You Want to Own a Vineyard


You can’t just start a vineyard in your backyard. Well, actually, you can so long as the state you are in doesn’t have any stringent rules about personal wine creation. But, if your only goal is to make wine for private consumption then chances are you don’t really want to own a full-fledged vineyard.

However, if you’re thinking of vast fields of grape vines and blueberry groves, you will need to pick the right piece of property. You will want to attain information about the best water softeners on, because water quality is essential when creating good wine. Although, it might not be as important as ensuring you have a sloping piece of property for proper irrigation.

Grape vines are pretty adaptable though and as long as you keep them away from things that will steal their sunlight, you can probably plant them just about anywhere. Even in harsher climates they are proving sustainable.

Just remember that photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide into sugar which becomes alcohol after fermentation. Photosynthesis can’t happen without the sun. If your plants don’t get enough sun and air circulation they can suffer from an array of fungus issues. Learn more.

Then there’s terroir, or a fancy French word that lets you know that grapes adapt the taste attributes of the property from which they are grown. The same variety of grapes grown in varying places will taste quite different. No other wine will taste like yours because no one else is growing grapes on your property.


While grapes can adapt surprisingly well, there are some things they just don’t take to. Take note of the average number of frost free days to determine the length of the growing season where you plan to establish your vineyard. Not every grape can handle every climate. This knowledge will help you pick the grapes that are right for your locale.

When grapes get too hot they shut down. So if you anticipate weather over 70 degrees during the day you might want to consider purchasing a variety that ripens later. This way they can ripen later in the fall when your too-warm-climate cools off a bit.  Read more about ripening.

Rain fall is ok for grapes. They are fine with excessive amounts so long as you ensure that the drainage is out of this world. They don’t like to get their feet wet. The only real problem noted with too much rain is the lack of exposure to the sun. Which means less photosynthesis? And don’t let these little guys freeze either!

Once you have determined the right property and the right climate, with excellent drainage, you will be well on your way to owning your own vineyard. Now all you have to do is pick out the grapes. Read this for more information about that.

Want to Buy a Vineyard? Here’s How to Get the Process Moving

Whether you found yourself inspired after a trip to a vineyard or simply love wine, many people dream of owning a piece of wine country. But buying one isn’t as simple as buying a home, right? Well, it is, but it isn’t. While many of the initial principles are similar, the scale of the purchase can be hard to fathom. If you are interested in purchasing an existing vineyard or land that can be used for growing and processing grapes for wine, here are some tips to get you started.

Choose Your Region

Before you begin the buying process, you need to know what region in which you would like the vineyard located. Your approach will be different if you plan on purchasing property in a foreign country than your home nation. Additionally, it will give you a starting point for gauging current prices.

Estimate Size

The number of bottles you intend to produce in a year will dictate the amount of land required for your operation. Land sold for use as a vineyard may be sold by the hectare or acre depending on the country in which the purchase is made. Often, the larger the plot, the higher the price. However, it is important to note how much of the land is usable (or currently in use) for growing grapes. Just because a plot is listed as 5 acres, that doesn’t mean all 5 acres can be used for production.

Want to Buy a Vineyard? Here’s How to Get the Process Moving

Understand Your Variety

Different grape varieties flourish in different areas or climates. If you are interested in creating a specific kind of wine, such as Merlot or Chardonnay, you must choose a location where those grapes can be grown without having to fight the elements or natural climate. Additionally, some wines only come from specific regions in the world. For example, Champagne is from the Champagne region of France. All other wines that possess the characteristic bubbles are considered sparkling wines and are not true Champagnes.

Secure Financing

As with any other real estate purchase, if you don’t intend to buy the land with cash, you will need to secure financing. Mortgage brokers can help you explore your options and locate the financing you require. It is important to note that the type of mortgage available can vary depending on precisely what is located on the land. For example, a vineyard that comes with a home on the property is seen differently than one without a home. Additionally, your intent to use the funds to build a home changes your eligibility for certain forms of financing. Whether you intend to make that home a primary residence also comes into play.

Work with a Real Estate Professional

Regardless of whether you currently live in the area in which you intend to buy property, you will likely want assistance from a real estate professional. Some large chain real estate companies have specialists available who focus on vineyards and similar properties. There are also offices that center their operations on the purchase and sale of vineyard properties almost exclusively.

Ideally, you will want to choose a real estate professional that focuses on your target location. They will be more familiar with the local market and may be privy to information that outside real estate professionals simply do not access.

Once you find a property, they will also be able to walk you through the bid and purchase process. This gives you access to a professional for all required paperwork from beginning to end. Once everything has been completed, and the closing process is wrapped up, you can then begin enjoying your new vineyard for everything it has to offer.