7 Smart Ways to Shop for Wine

If you have ever gone to a store to shop for wine, you’ll agree with me that it can be one of the most overwhelming experiences. For starters, there are many well-known brands that you might have heard about, but there are thousands more that you’ve never heard of. There is also the type of wine you would like. There are some people that can’t make out the difference between red, white, or sparkling wine, and have no idea how it is consumed. There is also a great variation in the prices of the wine, which can further confuse your decision. In this article, we are going to take a look at 7 smart ways to shop for wine that can make it easier the next time you’re out shopping.

7 Smart Ways to Shop for Wine
7 Smart Ways to Shop for Wine

Ensure that the store has employees that will assist

One of the first things that you should do when shopping for wine is to avoid stores that don’t have assistants on the wine isles. The stores that actually care about your experience usually have staff that is experienced with wine on those aisles to assist buyers with their decisions.

Ask for help

Much as it might sound awkward to some people, asking for help could easily be the best decision that you’ve ever made. Women are the most likely people to ask for help, while men prefer to go and search randomly before going back to the assistant to ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you don’t understand something about a particular wine that is what the sales reps are there for.

Take a picture

Every time that you take a wine that you like and you’re most likely to forget the name, take a picture of it with your phone. This will make it easier for you the next time that you’re out shopping for wine. It is better than making random guesses such as “I think it has a picture of red roses on the label,” or “I think the name started with an ‘H’.”

Be as specific as possible

You need to be as specific as possible when looking for a particular wine, saying something like, “I’d like to buy a Chardonnay that is around $200.” This will make it easier for the sales assistants to help you get what you want. You can also mention to them the food that you intend to eat or the function for which the wine is meant for.

Shop for wine, not a beverage

You need to remember that you’re shopping for wine and not a beverage. Don’t expect the wine to have things like six-packs or cartons of wine.

Wine sellers

Wine sellers need to connect with their customers by being knowledgeable about the different brands and asking their customers the right questions when assisting them. They should be able to share their passion for wine with their customers.

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