Great Wine for Asian Dishes

American food is no longer strictly meat and potatoes. Gone are the days of apple pie and hot dogs. Instead, we are seeing things about ketchup being replaced with Sriracha. The truth is, Asian fare has become deeply intertwined in the fibers of American cuisine.

But, most people aren’t prepared to pair their delicious Asian food with the right wine. They are still more inclined to grab a beer. So, we are sharing with you great wine for Asian dishes. Whether you are contemplating the next best mung bean recipes to include bean sprout corn salad, or mung bean quinoa bowls, you will know exactly which wine to sip alongside them.

Great Wine for Asian Dishes

Great Wine for Asian Dishes

Asian Food Wine Accents

As much as we love Asian recipes, we are also aware of their flavorful and not necessarily positive effect on most wines. The five spice powder, coriander, and masala salt, are pretty intense to both the nose and the palate. But, when drinking wine with them they can eliminate the wines fruitiness. And, they can even make them taste bitter or extraordinarily alcoholic.

So, how do you pick the right wine for your dish? Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing which ones not to pick. Here are some lessons you need for being certain you enjoy your Asian food and your wine at the same time:

Don’t Drink

Some wines are simply not going to work with Asian fare. Specifically, we suggest you avoid the Chardonnays. If you are eating anything Thai, Chinese, or Indian, you will regret that wine choice. Because Chardonnays are generally pretty oaky, you can expect these food pairings to make them taste more like the lumber aisle at the Home Depot. If you simply must sip Chardonnay, pick one from Australia as its woody flavor is not as intense. Learn more.

You should also avoid Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Because these are referred to as tannic wines, you should note that they have a tendency to engage in battle with Asian flavors. Unfortunately, they pretty much always lose and end up tasting bitter.

Do Drink

If you are going to drink wine with an Asian dish, pick something with high acidity. These wines add a vibrancy that is refreshing when paired with the Asian flair. Some good suggestions in this category include: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, or Spanish Albarinos.

Fruity wines are also recommended here. Especially when they have a very noticeable fruit flavor. You can get a Riesling from Australia, Austria, Alsace, or Germany. Or, you could opt for the Argentinian Torrontes (read this) when seeking out extraordinarily fruity wines.

Finally, don’t neglect the roses. Rose wines are perfect for the intense and often spicy flavors found in Asian cuisine. And, the great thing about these wines is that they are pretty much being made all over the world. So, if you are really looking for a wonderful wine to go with that spicy curry dish, consider purchasing a sparkling rose wine. You won’t regret it. These wines make the perfect companion and accent to almost all Asian food varieties.

If you are thinking you’d like to learn more about wine and how it works with Asian dining, this is an exceptional article with tons of information. And, now that you are well informed, we suspect you’ll be pairing some wine, instead of beer, with your next Asian dining experience.