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Purchase Wine with Your Next Tax Return

We all know just how exhausting the entire tax season can be, as you frantically run around the house and go through all your important documents to try and add up all the calculations accurately. You cross all your t’s correctly and ensure that all the calculations are correct, because you know you’ll be in a lot of trouble if you don’t do it right. You feel as though a massive weight has been lifted off of your shoulders once the tax reports have been submitted. And now, it’s time to celebrate! And the best part of it all, you know your tax returns are on their way so you can get ready to treat yourself to a little something while you sit back and relax. Why not treat yourself to a nice, chilled bottle of wine?

Purchase Wine with Your Next Tax Return

The wines

There are thousands out there in the markets, and if you go to wine shop, your head will most probably start buzzing from all the different variety in front of you. Fear not, we will make this easy for you and give you a selection of some of the most affordable wines that you can choose from to treat yourself to.

  • 2010 Cavalierino “Chiccheio”: Although this bottle costs only $28, it tastes nothing less than an $80 bottle of wine should. Not only do you save yourself a ton of money with this bottle of wine; money that can be spent wisely on an essential or stored away for a rainy day. This wine also pairs very nicely with food, so pat yourself on the back and drink away with your favorite snacks or meals.
  • 2011 La Blaca Terrasses Du Larzac: If you’re in the mood to celebrate with some of your friends, then this would be the perfect wine for you. With a price tag of only $22, not only is it light on your pockets, but it is also an excellent conversation starter, albeit a little different than the other usual wines that you may have tasted.
  • 2013 Vermentino Black Label (Lunae): For those that are fans of Muscadet or Sancerre, this would be a treat. However, not many people actually know of Vermentino, but if you’re planning on experimenting with your tax return, then why not splurge on this? It costs $35.
  • 2012 Vire-Clesse “Majeure”: For the fans of white wine out there, this is the most logical choice there is. You can’t go wrong with white Burgundy. For a price of $27, this is just what you need for the perfect celebration.
  • 2010 Bello- Cabernet Sauvignon: Have you hit the jackpot this year? Celebrate with this $100 wine! If you’ve got a big fat amount in your back bank account and your tax records have made history, then drop any other wine that you’re holding and treat yourself to this one in particular. Surround yourself with the smell of delicate rose petals and kick back and enjoy your wine.

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What to Look For When Booking a Trip to the Vineyards

Vineyard trips can be absolutely wonderful. This will certainly open your eyes to something new and it really can get everyone the chance to learn how wine is made. It really is a unique process and one which very few people really know too much about. The truth is wine making is delicate because if the grapes aren’t harvested at the precise time then an entire batch of wine can taste awful. A lot goes into crafting wine and visiting the vineyards where it all happens can be great. The following are a few things you may want to consider when booking a vineyard trip.

Always Book In Advanced

Anyone who hopes to visit a vineyard should be aware of booking early. As soon as vineyards offer a wine tour or wine making experience, people flock to book their places. You don’t want to miss out so it is best to book in advanced and as early as possible. Vineyards get extremely busy especially the big ones so you want to ensure you don’t leave it until the last second. Also, peak visiting times are the worst simply because it’s when everyone goes! However, if you book early enough you might be able to avoid the bigger crowds.

When Booking a Vineyard Trip, Try Sticking Close To Home

Any vineyard trip can be extremely fun but the further away you are from home, the more traveling you need to do. This can become a major issue for those who don’t drive or don’t want to run the risk of sampling the wine and driving home. Of course, if you do plan to go via car then you will need to ensure there is a designated driver so that everyone returns home safely. Trips to local vineyards can however be quite fun and local vineyards can be just as rewarding as visiting some of the bigger, well-known vineyards. You can experience something new and exciting and you learn a lot as well which is always great. Going on local wine tours can also reduce the amount of distance you have to travel; this is a big plus for those who don’t want to drive far. More explained here.

Small Wine Tours Can Be More Intimate

Large wine tours are great fun but sometimes you get lost in the crowd. You can’t always ask the questions you want to simply because there are dozens of others also looking to ask a question or two. It can be a little annoying and frustrating which is why you may want to consider a smaller wine tour. Now, smaller tours can be a lot of fun because there are usually only a handful of people there and it gives you a lot of time to get to know those around you. You can ask the questions you want to as well as get to potentially talk to the vineyard owner also.

Enjoy Your Trip

Vineyards are amazing places. They are often big, beautiful and extremely busy! There is always something happening but of course, that is all a part of the magic of wine. If you want to learn more about how wine is made or just want to try something new, taking a trip to the vineyards can be the perfect experience for you.

Going on a Destination Trip to a Vineyard

Going on a wine tour can be absolutely fantastic. Seeing how wine is made can be great fun and a very unique experience also. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual wine drinker or a wine enthusiast you want to enjoy the experience from start to finish. The following are a few factors you should be aware of when planning a destination trip to a vineyard.

Embrace the Culture

Wine tasting and the delicate work that goes into creating a wine can be a very new and unique culture. Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself into it all and experience something new. A trip to a vineyard can allow you to experience something you haven’t experienced before and trying something new is always exciting. Wine making is a culture and something very few people have knowledge about which is why you should embrace it while you can.

Step Out the Comfort Zone

A destination trip to a vineyard can be extremely fun so why not try something new? A wine tour is all about learning but it can also give you the confidence to step out of your regular comfort zone and try something different. If you don’t drink wine or know nothing about it then going on a wine tour and learning how wine is made can take you from the comfort zone and into somewhere new. It can be a lot of fun and exciting also.

Meet New People

There are millions of people who vineyard every year and it’s the perfect opportunity to meet and greet new friends. If you have a passion for wine then you could meet others who share your feelings or just meet new people who have tried something new. This is why taking a tour to a vineyard can be great and even though it isn’t something you would do every week; it can be a fun activity to try.

Have a Designated Driver

Usually going on a wine tour to a vineyard will include trying some samples which can give your palette something new but you may still want to consider how you’ll be getting home. If you came with a group of people then you need to ensure there is one designated driver. This will mean that person cannot sample any wine but that doesn’t mean to say he or she still can’t enjoy the tour. For most they might not think about a designated driver but it’s something to think about. This isn’t really about spoiling your fun but rather keeping everyone safe.

Enjoy Your Trip

Vineyards are quite special. Every vineyard creates something new and exciting and you can become a part of all that. You can learn all about how each wine is made and what special wines the vineyard create also. This can be quite exciting and it really can open your eyes to new things too. Whether you have a passion for wine or just want to try something new, going on a destination trip to a vineyard can be great.

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