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The Backyard Vineyard – Setting it Up

Imagine owning a wine bar with a vineyard in the backyard! Sounds exciting, right! The setting would seem right to your guests, and you could even get to brew your won wine sometimes, when the grapes are ready. Well, easy as it might sound, one need to take a number of things into consideration or else it could be a flop. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to plan for a backyard vineyard. Heck, it could even be called The Backyard Vineyard Wine Bar!

The Backyard Vineyard – Setting it Up

Soil Testing

The first thing is to take some soil to a lab to check the pH level, fertility, soil type, etc. you don’t want soil that has a low pH and is acidic, and neither do you want to plant the vines in clay soil since it has poor drainage.

What is the Weather Like?

Vines do not thrive in frosty weather and will need at least 7 months of frost-free weather. This means that you will need to time your planting accordingly, and you will also need to identify varieties that thrive in your kind of climate.

What are the Pest Challenges?

You need to check with the agricultural extension office in your area so that you can figure out the insects, pests, and animals that can be a danger to your vines. You also need to figure out the diseases that could affect your vines. The agriculture office can tell you the best methods to work around them, including the best pesticides to use.

What Irrigation Method Will Be Used?

You will need to figure out your source of water, if it is safe for the vines, and the sort of irrigation you will use. If you are in an area with steady rainfall, you might be safe. If not, get the water tested, and then figure out if you should use drip irrigation or some other type of irrigation.

The Number of Vines Needed

Depending on the size of the land and your expected production per year, you will determine the number of vines to plant. Most vines will produce an average of 5 pounds per vine. 250 vines are equals to 60 gallons of wine. Do the math!

How to Trellis the Vines

You need to figure out the best way to trellis the vines. It could be by a common wire trellis, where the vines can be left to sprawl, or it could be a more complicated trellis system.

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By following some of the tips above, you could soon have a vineyard in your background. You can count on Richmond Tree Care to help you take care of any trees that might get in your way.