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Building Stronger Relationships with Wine Customers

One of the best ways of building stronger relationships with your customers if you own a winery is to connect with them through things like reviews. Give them a place where they can rate your winery and tasting rooms and make sure to respond, whether negative or positive. There are also many ways that you can get people to review your products such as through SurveyJunkie. In this article, we will look at building stronger relationships with your wine customers.

Building Stronger Relationships with Wine Customers
Building Stronger Relationships with Wine Customers

Some of the things that you need to look out for are:

  • Know how good and bad reviews impact your customers, vendors, competitors, partners, etc.
  • Know where to find the reviews posted about the winery.
  • Know why it is important to have a place to post reviews on your business website.
  • Know how to respond to reviews.

The Impact of Review

The majority of people use reviews to determine the quality of goods or services offered by a business. This means that good reviews can grow your business greatly. The more the reviews, the more potential customers that the business gets.

Where to find reviews about your winery

You need to monitor the reviews from consumers, and this can be done using third-party sites and apps such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, Winery, MyFood, and Google Maps. You should acknowledge both good and bad reviews. Google Alerts and SocialMention are also great sites through which one can monitor their reviews.

Online Jobs That Pay

There are apps and websites that actually pay users to try out products and review them while getting paid. This can be one of the ways that your wine business can boost positive reviews. There are also other ways through which internet users can make money online. In this part of the article, we are going to take a look at the best online jobs.

  1. Online Survey Jobs – using kingged.com, which shows users how to use their combo technique to earn a decent income. The combo is a combination of online surveys and offline market researches. There are also sites like SurveyJunkie, SwagBucks, CashCrate, Opinion Outpost, Vindale Research, and Mindswarms, among others.
  2. Market Research Jobs – still using the combo technique from Kingged.com. Some of the other companies to use include Plaza Research, Focus Pointe Global, and Fieldwork.
  3. Sharing Articles Online – via the combo technique on Kingged.com.
  4. Writing Online Articles – via the combo technique on Kingged.com
  5. Writing Online Articles – for other companies such as Eureka Street, Semaphore, and ProfitBricks.
  6. Online Jobs Tutoring other people, such as English.
  7. Chatting with other people online, that could include flirting and customer support.
  8. Online Data Entry Jobs – that could include preparing and editing databases, transcription, electronic data processing, coding, etc.
  9. Online Nursing Jobs – doing things like clinical research, medical transcription, and case management, among others.
  10. Online Closed Captioning Jobs
  11. Software Testing
  12. Sending SMS
  13. Search Engine Evaluator Jobs Online
  14. Search Engine Evaluator Jobs on Google and other search engines, giving information such as search result accuracy, relevancy, spam, and other things aimed at helping search engine evaluators when working on search algorithms.


It is important to have solid relationships with your customers for your wine business. You can set up online survey jobs through some of the platforms mentioned above to further evaluate how you can improve the business.