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How You Can Prevent Wine from Staining Your Teeth

What is one of the things that people want to do on Friday night? A lot of people would love to get a glass of wine and relax. Some do not even wait for Friday night to drink wine. They may drink wine whenever they can although of course, wine should always be consumed in moderation.

One of the unsightly things that may occur is after your third glass of red wine, you will be stuck with teeth that look a bit purplish in color. What can you do in order to stop wine from staining your teeth? It cannot be suggested that you will stop drinking wine because this may be one of your simple pleasures. You cannot be deprived of something that relaxes you or makes you happy even for just a short while.

How You Can Prevent Wine from Staining Your Teeth
How You Can Prevent Wine from Staining Your Teeth

One of the best things that you can do is to make sure that you will keep your regular dentist appointments at your local dentist clinic. Make sure that the clinic is not out of the way so that you can regularly keep your schedule. The clinic has to be near your home or near your office so that it can be visited whenever you need to do so.

What other things can you do to ensure that your teeth will not be stained? These are a few tips to remember:

  •  You can drink sparkling water in between drinking glasses of wine so that you can remove the potential stains that you may have on your teeth. You may need to swish it around your mouth to make sure that the stains will be removed. It might sound gross in the beginning but if it would prevent your teeth from getting stained, it will not hurt to try.
  •  Have you ever wondered why wine and cheese are often paired together? It is not only because of their wonderful taste whenever they are consumed but also because of the calcium content that cheese has. The cheese will make it harder for wine to stain your teeth because of the components of cheese.
  •  Do not drink white wine before red wine. You may think that you are going to drink white wine before drinking red because this is what you are used to. This is a habit that you have to break soon. White wine can break down the enamel of teeth which means that it will become more vulnerable to staining if you would switch to red after drinking white wine.
  •  Consider getting some wine wipes. Are you surprised that wine wipes exist? This is something that can truly help you so that you can prevent stains from making your teeth have a purple hue.

There are also instances when you can use lime in order to remove the stains of your teeth but make sure that you will not do this often because this can make your teeth more sensitive by breaking down the enamel of your teeth.