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Wine is Better When Consumed with Food

People have different eating and drinking habits, but the bottom line is that they should ensure that their habits are healthy. In some instances, this could mean cutting down on the things you would generally prefer and opting for healthier ones. This doesn’t go down well with everyone. Despite it all, there is still something that can bring a smile to your face. Drinking wine is okay when you have it with food since it is healthier. In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why wine is better when consumed with food.

Wine is Better When Consumed with Food

Avoid Drinking Wine on an Empty Stomach

Drinking wine on an empty stomach means that the alcohol is absorbed faster into the bloodstream, meaning that the chances of becoming intoxicated quickly are higher, s are the chances of a bad hangover. There is also the fact that the wine is harder on the liver when consumed on an empty stomach. This means that the metabolism of other foods will have to wait until the liver is done with alcohol, leading to more fat storage.

It’s All About Timing

If the timing is right, having wine along with meals is actually one way of watching weight and delivering the most health benefits out of the wine. This includes cardioprotective effects.

Food Helps Wine – and Wine Helps Food

Just the same way that food helps wine, the wine also helps food in some ways. The wine lowers the risk of food poisoning when people eat contaminated food. It also reduces oxidation damage, even eliminating it. this happens during the digestion process. Drin king of wine while eating also has decreased inflammation in blood vessels for those consuming high-fat meals. Drinking wine while eating is also responsible for the removal of dangerous substances from red meats, fried foods, and processed foods, during the digestion process. It is also important in the metabolism of sugars and starches, which is beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes patients should, however, always ask their doctors before drinking wine so as to know if it will work for their situations.

Better Together

It still baffles researchers to date as to how wine and food relate to health when taken together. We can, however, bank on the researchers who say that it has positive effects. This generally means that wine and food go well together, health-wise.

Barrie Restaurants Guide

Knowing that wine should be taken at the same time with food, you can now head down to Barrie and sample their cuisines. Located in Toronto, we are going to check out some of the restaurants in Barrie:

Fine dining and romance restaurants

  • Michael & Marion’s
  • Urban Dish Grill & Wine Bar

Casual restaurants

  • Grilled Cheese Social Eatery
  • Kenzington Burger Bar
  • The Speakcheasy

Italian restaurants

  • Il Buco Ristorante
  • PIE Wood Fired Pizza Joint

Indian restaurants

  • Tiffins Curry in a Hurry

Chinese, Japanese, Thai & Sushi restaurants

  • Sakana House
  • Mandarin Restaurant

Steakhouse restaurants

  • Baton Rouge Steakhouse & Bar
  • Town & Country Steakhouse

Patios and On the Waterfront

  • Hooligans
  • Donaleigh’s Irish Public House

Sports Bars & Pubs

  • Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling Co.

Healthy Eats

  • Avocobar

Dessert & Coffee

  • Casa Cappuccino

Nightclubs & Late Night Bites

  • Queens Nightclub


  • Stacked Pancake & Breakfast House
  • Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch


Those are some of the restaurants that you can visit in Barrie, and while at it, you can ensure you have your meal at the same time with wine to see if you’ll experience the positive vibes we have mentioned above.

Ways to Stay Healthy and Drink Wine

There are people that think that drinking wine is dangerous, since it could lead to things like adding weight. The truth is that if it is consumed in the right way, it has more benefits than you could imagine. It is even recommended that people should take a glass or two of wine before meals, since it empties their stomachs and helps them to eat 25% more food. In this article, we are going to explore ways to stay healthy and drink wine.

Ways to Stay Healthy and Drink Wine

Ways to Stay Healthy and Drink Wine

Know the calories in wine

According to Alcohol alert, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse, weight gain is not affected by those that are already thin and healthy, when they take alcohol. It is however, important for people to consider the calories in the wine before taking it, with most of the wines ranging between 130 – 175 calories per glass. It is recommended that women should take at least one glass of wine per day, as compared to men, who should take two.

Earn your glass of wine before you drink

In order to keep the rate of metabolism up and slow down the need to eat, we should do exercises like walking, since it is a natural decompression that will also reduce the drinking. Wine increases metabolism by up to 70 – 90 minutes, and when it is consumed, people should also hydrate to maintain the water balance in the cells.

Don’t drink before you eat

Drinking wine before meals tends to increase one’s appetite, and it should therefore be saved for when you’re eating. The effects of the wine on a full belly are less likely to be felt, and the calories are more likely to be absorbed.

Drink dry red wine

Red wine tends to have more antioxidants as compared to other wines, and one should try and keep the alcohol levels below 13.5% ABV.

Don’t drink too late at night

Drinking wine late at night reduces the quality of sleep, since it has similar behaviors to carbohydrates.

Spend more on a bottle of wine

Spending more on a bottle of wine means that we are putting more value in it, and we tend to enjoy it more over a longer period of time.

Wine as an aphrodisiac

Wine tends to put people in the mood by causing a tingling sensation on the skin, while slowing down brain activity and keeping you from being distracted.

Cozumel Snorkeling

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Following the tips above, one is bound to get the best wine drinking experience, and they can live for a very long time. Constant exercise such as snorkeling, will heighten the experience further, as well as help you to also appreciate mother nature.

Reasons You Should Have a Glass of Wine with Dinner

Eating healthy is something that everyone thrives for, and we have seen people going to extremes just to remain healthy. We need to eat balanced diets that ensure that our bodies have all of the nutrients that they need for us to remain strong and healthy. Whether we are eating salads, eggs, fruits, or any other foods for that matter, we should stay within the limits. Staying healthy is not just about what we eat alone, it is also about exercises and what we drink. They all work hand in hand together. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should drink a glass of wine with dinner every day.

Red wine lowers blood sugar

According to a study that was carried out on people with type 2 diabetes, in Israel, drinking a glass of red or white wine at dinner time lowered the glucose levels more than for those that drank water.

You’ll sleep better after a glass.

When paired with food that absorbed alcohol, it was found that people that drank wine slept better.

It trims the waistline

Red wine has a chemical, Ellagic acid, that helps slow down the growth of existing fat cells, also stopping new ones from forming.

You get fewer colds

According to a Spanish study that was conducted on 5,000 people, catching colds amongst wine drinkers was lowered by 40 percent.

It keeps the blues away – at least if you’re over 55

Drinking a glass of wine a day lessens the chances of suffering from depression, but drinking more will likely increase the chances of the depression.

The Chicken Hub

Being that we are on the topic of health and have been discussing the benefits of wine, it is also important to note that there are other food products that also promote healthy living when eaten in the right proportions, and one of those products is the egg. It is good to throw eggs into our diets every now and then, although we should not overdo it due to the high cholesterol levels that eggs have. We are going to look at an egg incubator guide, an artificial way that you can make eggs hatch into the much healthier to eat chicken. This way, you won’t have to worry about too much cholesterol, and besides, chicken meat is white meat, which is much healthier than red meat.

It is good to note that incubators can also be used for premature human beings, reptiles and to harvest bacteria, although their most common use is eggs. The incubator controls the temperature, humidity, and air circulation, allowing the eggs to mature and hatch. Some rotate the eggs automatically, while others eggs have to be rotated manually.

Benefits of an Egg Incubator

  • Save energy with free organic material from chicken
  • Reduce waste in the form of food remains by chicken
  • Helps to decrease the use of chicken farms
  • One can make money from the sale of eggs
  • Satisfaction of watching chicks grow from the egg status

Types of Incubators

  • Still incubators
  • Moving air incubators
  • Automatic incubators
  • Semi-automatic incubators
  • Manual incubators

Features of an Incubator

  • Capacity – refers to the number of eggs it can carry
  • Rotator – some rotate eggs, while some don’t have the feature
  • Species – some are made for particular species of birds or reptiles
  • Temperature and humidity – some come with thermometers, hygrometers, and other devices to control the temperature and humidity
  • LCD display
  • Cabinet material – can be made from fiberglass, wood, plastic, polyurethane, and a host of other materials.


Despite the fact that a glass of wine after dinner is beneficial to your health, so are chicken. That is the reason why we jogged you through the incubation of eggs, an easy way to hatch your own chicks.