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The Benefits of Vegetables

Not very many people are fans of vegetables and would rather go for meat. The truth is that veggies are very nutritious, and they can be cooked in attractive ways that can make anyone salivate. In this article, we are going to look at some of the benefits of vegetables.

The Benefits of Vegetables
The Benefits of Vegetables

They fight bloat

You will hear people saying that when they eat vegetables, their belly’s tend to bloat. The truth is that most vegetables actually do the opposite. They are rich in fiber, which is great at getting rid of waste and gastric irritants and, while preventing constipation by keeping the digestive tract moving. They get rid of bloat that is caused by salt, flush out the excess sodium, and ease that full feeling in the stomach.

They create a youthful glow

Vegetables make people look younger, preventing the skin from aging due to the phytonutrients, vitamin C and high water content. They come with water levels of up to 95%, which is good for hydrating the skin and reducing wrinkles. They also have phytonutrients that prevent cells from getting damaged, guarding the skin from premature aging. The beta carotene in brightly colored red and orange veggies, which protects the skin from sun damage. The lycopene, found in red vegetables such as tomatoes, is also a natural sunscreen.

They reduce stress

Stress tends to make people tired and moody, something that can affect how they make their choices in regards to health. It makes people go on emotional overeating and binges, as nutrients like magnesium and vitamin C are quickly depleted. Veggies have these nutrients as well as omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins that fight anxiety and depression.

They protect the bones

While daily products are excellent bone protectors due to the high levels of calcium and vitamin D content, there are vegetables that also have these same minerals they also have vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, and prebiotic fiber, which are excellent for bone building.

The Green Thumb Gardener

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Vegetables are a very important part of our diet, coming with many health benefits to our bodies. We should all include them in our daily meals every day and it won’t be long before we start noticing the benefits. For more information, click here for more from Green Thumb Gardener.