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How to Keep Pests Out of the Vineyard

You may be trying to grow your grapes the best way possible so that the wine that you produce will have that nice taste that people will look forward to. Whether you only have a small garden wherein you have planted your grapes or you have a big vineyard, your grapes may still get affected by pests. Remember that the list of pests that may cause some problems to your vineyard may be different depending on where you live.

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For example, you may live in a place wherein a lot of pigeons manage to sneak in and create some damage with your plants and even your home. You do not want to have a wide variety of pigeons trying to live from your attic or from a shadowed area in your roof. Pigeons can also be harmful to your grapes because as soon as they peck the fruits, your animals will start to rot. You can search for a list of pigeon deterrents to dissuade them from staying at your property. Another option is to get the right pest control company that can safely remove pigeons from your property. By doing this, you will be lessening some of your pest problems. Other possible problems you may encounter are the following:

  1. Squirrels – Squirrels just love the sweet and juicy taste of grapes so you can already expect that squirrels will try to get some grapes from your vineyard from time to time. Remember that squirrels can also jump high so even making fences might not deter them from trying to take a few grapes from time to time. Learn more about getting rid of squirrels from here.
  2. Insects – There are some insects that will find their way on to your leaves and will start infesting your garden. Before you start getting some insecticides, it is best to determine what type of insects are there. Some insects are actually good for your vineyard and may protect your plants from other insects that will harm your grapes. If you are unsure, it is best to hire a professional to look into the situation.
  3. Deer – This is another type of animal that is in love with the taste of grapes. If your garden or your vineyard does not have any fence, you will probably see the deer munching some of your grapes. It can be enough to unnerve you. Stop the deer from coming back by making sure that you will put a fence around your property.
  4. Bears – This is another animal that will try to get grapes whenever it could. If you want to discourage bears from getting into your vineyard or your garden, it is best that you use some repellents like hot sauce and pepper just to be sure.

Remember that aside from pests, there may still be other problems that nature would give you. For example, your grapes may become plagued with fungus. This will not allow your leaves to do full photosynthesis which can of course affect the production of grapes. Knowledge is always essential to help you keep your vineyard productive.

So You Want to Own a Vineyard

You have developed quite the penchant for fine wine and you have some money set aside for a rather large new endeavor. One night while sipping your cabernet you feel a twinge of excitement. What if you owned your own vineyard? Why not make your own rose scented cabernet? Or a blushing blueberry merlot? So, you want to own a vineyard, but how?

There are a lot of things to consider when you start any business, especially one that is as highly regulated as that in the field of alcohol production. But, that is not to say the dream can’t come to life. It will just take some ingenuity and investigation.

So You Want to Own a Vineyard


You can’t just start a vineyard in your backyard. Well, actually, you can so long as the state you are in doesn’t have any stringent rules about personal wine creation. But, if your only goal is to make wine for private consumption then chances are you don’t really want to own a full-fledged vineyard.

However, if you’re thinking of vast fields of grape vines and blueberry groves, you will need to pick the right piece of property. You will want to attain information about the best water softeners on watersoftenerguide.com, because water quality is essential when creating good wine. Although, it might not be as important as ensuring you have a sloping piece of property for proper irrigation.

Grape vines are pretty adaptable though and as long as you keep them away from things that will steal their sunlight, you can probably plant them just about anywhere. Even in harsher climates they are proving sustainable.

Just remember that photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide into sugar which becomes alcohol after fermentation. Photosynthesis can’t happen without the sun. If your plants don’t get enough sun and air circulation they can suffer from an array of fungus issues. Learn more.

Then there’s terroir, or a fancy French word that lets you know that grapes adapt the taste attributes of the property from which they are grown. The same variety of grapes grown in varying places will taste quite different. No other wine will taste like yours because no one else is growing grapes on your property.


While grapes can adapt surprisingly well, there are some things they just don’t take to. Take note of the average number of frost free days to determine the length of the growing season where you plan to establish your vineyard. Not every grape can handle every climate. This knowledge will help you pick the grapes that are right for your locale.

When grapes get too hot they shut down. So if you anticipate weather over 70 degrees during the day you might want to consider purchasing a variety that ripens later. This way they can ripen later in the fall when your too-warm-climate cools off a bit.  Read more about ripening.

Rain fall is ok for grapes. They are fine with excessive amounts so long as you ensure that the drainage is out of this world. They don’t like to get their feet wet. The only real problem noted with too much rain is the lack of exposure to the sun. Which means less photosynthesis? And don’t let these little guys freeze either!

Once you have determined the right property and the right climate, with excellent drainage, you will be well on your way to owning your own vineyard. Now all you have to do is pick out the grapes. Read this for more information about that.

Going on a Destination Trip to a Vineyard

Going on a wine tour can be absolutely fantastic. Seeing how wine is made can be great fun and a very unique experience also. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual wine drinker or a wine enthusiast you want to enjoy the experience from start to finish. The following are a few factors you should be aware of when planning a destination trip to a vineyard.

Embrace the Culture

Wine tasting and the delicate work that goes into creating a wine can be a very new and unique culture. Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself into it all and experience something new. A trip to a vineyard can allow you to experience something you haven’t experienced before and trying something new is always exciting. Wine making is a culture and something very few people have knowledge about which is why you should embrace it while you can.

Step Out the Comfort Zone

A destination trip to a vineyard can be extremely fun so why not try something new? A wine tour is all about learning but it can also give you the confidence to step out of your regular comfort zone and try something different. If you don’t drink wine or know nothing about it then going on a wine tour and learning how wine is made can take you from the comfort zone and into somewhere new. It can be a lot of fun and exciting also.

Meet New People

There are millions of people who vineyard every year and it’s the perfect opportunity to meet and greet new friends. If you have a passion for wine then you could meet others who share your feelings or just meet new people who have tried something new. This is why taking a tour to a vineyard can be great and even though it isn’t something you would do every week; it can be a fun activity to try.

Have a Designated Driver

Usually going on a wine tour to a vineyard will include trying some samples which can give your palette something new but you may still want to consider how you’ll be getting home. If you came with a group of people then you need to ensure there is one designated driver. This will mean that person cannot sample any wine but that doesn’t mean to say he or she still can’t enjoy the tour. For most they might not think about a designated driver but it’s something to think about. This isn’t really about spoiling your fun but rather keeping everyone safe.

Enjoy Your Trip

Vineyards are quite special. Every vineyard creates something new and exciting and you can become a part of all that. You can learn all about how each wine is made and what special wines the vineyard create also. This can be quite exciting and it really can open your eyes to new things too. Whether you have a passion for wine or just want to try something new, going on a destination trip to a vineyard can be great.

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