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Tips to Help Wine Drinkers Balance Their Weight

There are few things as scrumptious as a delicious bottle of wine.  This is one of the first alcoholic beverages ever created and have been in use since 7000 BC. This beverage compliments dinner perfectly and is also a great beverage for casual evenings at home.  Wine is also a great companion when you are celebrating with friends or simply enjoying the company of your long-time bestie. Many people do however enjoy wine because of the health benefits of moderate consumption but it can be so easy to overindulge when you are having fun which can affect your health and weight negatively.

Tips to Help Wine Drinkers Balance Their Weight

Tips to Help Wine Drinkers Balance Their Weight

Just how many calories does wine contain

There are quite a few different types of wine out there but the most common wines enjoyed are dry wines and sweet wines.  Wines with an average ABV (the ABV of most wines on the market) contains about 100 calories per 5oz glass of wine for dry wine and about 130 calories for sweet wine.  Sweet dessert wines are the highest in calories and can contain as much as 165 calories per 3.5oz.  Most red wines are low carb wines but wine also makes you feel hungrier and encourages snacking.  The average bottle of wine contains 25.4oz which means if you drink out a bottle of wine over the evening you will have consumed 508 up to 1,200 calories in a single evening just from your drinks.

How to keep wine calories in check

The best way to keep your calorie intake in check when you love your wine is by drinking moderately.  One glass of wine is amazing for your health and red wines have been known to improve your vascular health.  But if one glass of wine just isn’t enough to keep you content then there is another way to get rid of those calories.

Cycle more so you can drink more wine

A spinning bike is all you need to burn those extra calories whenever you overindulge in wine. Cycling or spinning is one of the best ways to burn calories and this type of exercise is amazing for your heart, for great looking legs, and for general weight management. The amount of calories you burn through cycling depends on your weight and on the cycling speed.  A 150 lb person will lose about 135 calories in 30 minutes on a low setting.     But on a faster setting, a 150 lb person can lose as much as 396 calories in 30 minutes.   If you want to spin your way through an entire bottle of wine then one hour of spinning at a fast speed should be plentiful to keep your weight in check.

Cycle easy with a recumbent bike

If you are a daily wine drinker then the best way to burn off those calories is by enjoying a daily 30-minute spinning session.  You can check out these foldable recumbent bikes if you are interested in the best and comfiest home workout gear.  A recumbent bike is a great spinning bike to try because these bikes are very comfortable and they are superb at enabling you to keep track of your progress.

With just 30 minutes of spinning a day, you can enjoy up to two glasses of wine a day without gaining any weight.  This is the best-balanced workout if you want to reap all the benefits of drinking wine without any of the negative effects.