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The Importance of Oak in Wine Making

Oakwood plays a very important role in the winemaking process, although the type of oak used is dependent on the types of grapes. There are grapes that aren’t meant to spend time in oak barrels since they are best taken while young. Time in the oak barrels could make their flavors become overpowered. There is also the fact that the type of oak used also determines certain factors about the wine such as the flavors and aromas. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of oak in winemaking.

The Importance of Oak in Wine Making
The Importance of Oak in Wine Making


Oak is made of a slightly porous material, which is perfect for evaporation into thin air. The evaporation is important when it comes to the concentration of flavors.


The wine matures best under conditions with limited amounts of oxygen, while plenty of oxygen is bad. A little oxygen gives the wine a deeper and more uniform color, brings out better aromas, and soft tannins. These are the ingredients for good wine.


Flavor and aroma are added to the wine by the phenols which are in the oak. The phenols are different and can include vanilla flavors and eugenol. The wine is also caramelized and sweetened by carbohydrates found in the oak.


These are a combination of phenols and are found in oak. These tannins can continually be added to the oak for up to five years.

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Wood plays a very important role in our lives, from building and construction, right down to some of our favorite trees as is evident in this article.