The Best Bottled Savories to Sell Along With Luxury Wines

Wineries are fantastic businesses. There are few companies out there with such rich history and such a widely enjoyed beverage as wineries.  But a lot of wine producers and distributors make a mistake by focusing on wine alone.  Yes, it can be good for your company if your focus is on one product alone because so much attention and time are devoted to creating the perfect product.  But by selling the right complimentary savory along with your wine you could actually boost your company name, your income and customer experiences when they visit your wine shop.

The Best Bottled Savories to Sell Along With Luxury Wines

The Best Bottled Savories to Sell Along With Luxury Wines

Why bottled savories are the best

Console bottles are incredibly popular right now.  These wonderful bottles are used for so many different purposes.  There is just something about these glass bottles that provide a sense of quality and value and that are exactly why bottled savories could compliment your wines perfectly.  Guests could have their pick at supreme quality savories to enjoy along with their wonderful wines.

How to make bottled savories?

You may think that it is hard work to produce bottled savories but it is actually quite easy.  All you need is the best pressure canner.  With one of these pressure canners, you can sterilize and seal in the goodness of savories and extend your product’s shelf lives to well over a year.  The best part is that pressure canners can be used by anyone from the comfort of a home.  With one of these appliances, you can create wonderful tasting delights and sell these savories to any wine tasting customer that visit’s your winery.  A greater variety of products to choose from only enhances the wine tasting experience and the thrill of the journey.

The best-bottled savories to sell along with luxury wines

Now you may wonder what savories to start bottling up, right?  Well, the key is to look for savories that will compliment your wines and enhance the taste and experience.

Jams – Jams are always superb in glass jars.  Try to create a wonderful tasting jam that is unique and divine.  A good example is a sweet and spicy cranberry pepper jam, monkey butter jam, peach and pepper jam, pear and ginger jam, or you can stick to local products and create a unique grape jam to match your wines. 

Jelly’s – Jelly’s with a unique taste and recipe can be a delight to any wine taster looking for something yummy to munch.  Make your own jalapeno pepper jelly, red pepper jelly or more. 

Bottled foods – Bottled foods with an appealing look can also be a good seller at your winery.  Look for bright colored foods that look good when bottled.  A mix of hot peppers, jalapenos and all sorts of fiery goods will look amazing and will taste great. 

Sauces – Sauces can do wonders for a meal.  Create a wide range of sauces your guests can try along with their wine.

With the right complimentary product in your shop, you can boost sales, or simply enhance the shopping experience when customers pop into your winery.  Pressure canned foods are also incredibly healthy and they are always healthy no matter when someone decides to pay you a visit.