Ways to Stay Healthy and Drink Wine

There are people that think that drinking wine is dangerous, since it could lead to things like adding weight. The truth is that if it is consumed in the right way, it has more benefits than you could imagine. It is even recommended that people should take a glass or two of wine before meals, since it empties their stomachs and helps them to eat 25% more food. In this article, we are going to explore ways to stay healthy and drink wine.

Ways to Stay Healthy and Drink Wine

Ways to Stay Healthy and Drink Wine

Know the calories in wine

According to Alcohol alert, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse, weight gain is not affected by those that are already thin and healthy, when they take alcohol. It is however, important for people to consider the calories in the wine before taking it, with most of the wines ranging between 130 – 175 calories per glass. It is recommended that women should take at least one glass of wine per day, as compared to men, who should take two.

Earn your glass of wine before you drink

In order to keep the rate of metabolism up and slow down the need to eat, we should do exercises like walking, since it is a natural decompression that will also reduce the drinking. Wine increases metabolism by up to 70 – 90 minutes, and when it is consumed, people should also hydrate to maintain the water balance in the cells.

Don’t drink before you eat

Drinking wine before meals tends to increase one’s appetite, and it should therefore be saved for when you’re eating. The effects of the wine on a full belly are less likely to be felt, and the calories are more likely to be absorbed.

Drink dry red wine

Red wine tends to have more antioxidants as compared to other wines, and one should try and keep the alcohol levels below 13.5% ABV.

Don’t drink too late at night

Drinking wine late at night reduces the quality of sleep, since it has similar behaviors to carbohydrates.

Spend more on a bottle of wine

Spending more on a bottle of wine means that we are putting more value in it, and we tend to enjoy it more over a longer period of time.

Wine as an aphrodisiac

Wine tends to put people in the mood by causing a tingling sensation on the skin, while slowing down brain activity and keeping you from being distracted.

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Following the tips above, one is bound to get the best wine drinking experience, and they can live for a very long time. Constant exercise such as snorkeling, will heighten the experience further, as well as help you to also appreciate mother nature.